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Recommended Books & Films

Great resources, carefully selected, on key topics

We have carefully reviewed every book and film that we recommend. (See How Books and Films Are Selected.) Each has been determined to offer a positive, hopeful message about the potential for healing and recovery and has been found useful by many men with histories of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences, as well as the people who care about them. Please note that some books may contain graphic content. If you need support, visit 1in6’s free and anonymous 24/7 Online Helpline

After selecting a category, you’ll see a list of recommended books that displays each book’s cover, and includes the title and author(s), a brief description of the book, and a direct link to its page at Amazon.com (where you can read reviews or buy it).

For men who are incarcerated, a book is available to borrow for free from 1in6.org. (See How Borrowing Works.)