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How Do I Get From Here to Being Happy?

We’ve known and helped many other men like you, and understand your situation.

You may be freaking out, having just realized that a long ignored (or forgotten) experience is causing some serious problems right now.

We can provide some insight and hope.

Or maybe you’ve been trying to deal with the effects of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences for years, and are wondering when you’re ever going to find the happiness you seek.

Or maybe something in between. But whatever your situation, you’re not sure of the path from here to a happy future.

We can provide some insight and hope.

Of course every person is unique, but there are some basic ways of understanding the paths that all men travel on their own journeys to happiness. The two most basic perspectives, we believe, are the stages of recovery and the stages of change. We strongly encourage you to read those sections and become familiar with them.

Whatever your unique path to happiness, and whatever helps you get there, always keep hope alive and remember: many other men have made it.